We increase the value of bringing people together

Since 1992 we have been in the business of making meetings better. We do this by helping our clients engage their attendees and transform them from passive listeners into active participants. Through the use of our experience and our interactive technology we help to design and facilitate truly engaging meetings. Engagement is key to unlocking the value of bringing people together.

Engaged participants learn more. Engaging organizations perform better.

We are engagement experts.

A Partnership of Value

ConsensusOnline creates interactive meetings, workshops and conferences that involve and empower people. The interactive format ensures value for the organization and ownership and commitment from the participants.

Our focus is always to have the technology to support the session and not overtake it. With that in mind, we supplement great content with excellent interactivity that increases learning considerably.

ConsensusOnline wins the award for the creative product Consensus Interactive Screens, which provides exciting and innovative possibilities in the meeting industry

What they say about us...

Björn H. Lindbäck, XLNS Consulting Group

Senior Partner & Adviser
As a presenter, it is satisfying to use ConsensusOnlines system. The possibility to make last minute changes was a big help. Further, after experiencing the system in work, it is clear that interactivity truly increases the learning that participants get from a conference.

Claus Flensborg, Scandinavian Executive Institute

Administrative Director
ConsensusOnline is our preferred partner on interactive meeting solutions. Through great advice, ConsensusOnline managed to ask the right questions and thereby identify our core objectives. By following their advice and implementing their interactive solution, we managed to meet and even exceed our expected return on meeting investment (RoMI)

Lucien Alziari, Maersk

Chief Human Resource Officer
ConsensusOnline’s 3 day collaboration was an essential element to the success of our 3 day HR forum...We also highly regarded their ability to work with our external speakers, vendors and program participants all done with a professional and customer service minded approach.

Natalie King, Small Planet Meetings

Project Manager
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU from Small Planet for all your help last week!! As always, it was a pleasure working with Consensus. - Once again everything relating to the iPads went without a hitch!

Rupert Millington, Curious Industry

Founder and owner
ConsensusOnline makes the difference between mere interaction and meaningful response. All too easily at large gatherings, feedback from influential participants on important topics can be superficial, imprecise, and poorly captured - but ConsensusOnline's technology means that detailed and considered feedback can be recorded in a way that is much more valuable to participants and to facilitators alike: more meaningful, more measurable, and more memorable.